Environmental Activities

Sustainability Efforts

Environmental Management

From the global viewpoint, we strengthen environmental audit education system and expand environmental management to the whole Group including overseas companies.

Action ECO-22V Campaign

We have set quantitative targets, establishes an action program for environmental conservation, and have produced consistent results.

Addressing Climate Change

Each division is endeavoring to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the precious global environment.

Resource Conservation and Recycling

Sumitomo Electric will expand the initiative of recycling waste in manufacturing without discarding or incinerating.

Management of Chemical Substances

We thoroughly manage the chemical substances contained in products and are committed to complying with laws and regulations in Japan and overseas.

Water Security

According to water issues, we are analyzing the current conditions and taking the necessary countermeasures.

Biodiversity Conservation

Each division is involved in activities that contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity.

Environmentally Conscious Products

We would promote the development and commercialization of environmentally conscious products.


We disclose the information on the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.