Fundamental Policy for Sustainability Management

While honoring the Sumitomo Spirit, inherited over generations and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, the Group has always conducted business in harmony with the public benefit based on the fundamental spirit of "contributing to public benefit through business," and strived to ensure mutual prosperity with its stakeholders. This philosophy is consistent with the recent concept of "sustainability."

Based on the recognition that the Group itself is integral as a going concern to perpetually enhancing its corporate value, we will continue to deal with sustainability issues, including consideration for climate change and other global environmental problems, respect for human rights, consideration for employees’ health, workplace environment, and fair and appropriate treatment of employees, fair and impartial trades with suppliers, and crisis management of natural disasters, etc., to become “Glorious Excellent Company.”

Specifically, we will continue to develop technologies to connect and support society on a global basis by using our integrated and innovative power, as our purpose. We are committed to achieving a safer, more comfortable, and green, environmentally friendly society.

In addition, we will communicate our efforts both internally and externally through the Integrated Report, which summarizes our value creation story, and the CSR Book, which summarizes the achievements of our CSR activities, and repeat the cycle of receiving feedback from our stakeholders and reflecting it in our further activities.